Dance wildly and freely – Dancecardset – english version


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The “Dance wildly and freely Dance Card Set” enables dance teachers and children to completely immerse themselves in the world of dance and to understand Laban’s dance themes. Linking theory and practice, the cards capture diverse qualities of dance movement on paper. Whether they get excited about peacocks fanning their tails, playing hopscotch or floating astronauts – children love pictures and like to explore their environments. So discovery learning is naturally applied here as a method of teaching.

Through the use of the cards various learning styles come into play: visual – by looking at the cards; aural and verbal – by talking about the content they show; and kinesthetic – by independent movement exploration to try out what they show. In this way, an interconnection between physical and mental processes is playfully achieved during dance classes and the whole person gains a deep understanding. Individual movement experience becomes integrated with imagery and simple symbols accompany creative development.

Each card has been lovingly drawn by hand and includes Laban’s Motif Writing with a corresponding picture as a visual aid.

Children of all ages love using the cards in dance classes. So the sets or the poster are a real treasure trove for every dance teacher. Dancers too have lots of fun looking through, discovering, and using this resource creatively.

All the teaching materials have been tried and tested and are wonderfully suited to accompany and inspire imaginative people on their individual journeys.

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Dancecardset Content:

Active Pause, Turns, Gesture, Jump, Pause/Stillness, Change of Support
head, torso, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot
Breath, Tactile, Core-Distal, Head-Tail, Upper-Lower, Bodyhalf, Contralateral, Vestibular – developed by Anne Green Gilbert – Brain-Compatible Dance Education, 2006/ based on the Bartenieff Fundamentals -Illustrated by Stefi Schmid
flick, press, glide, slash, punch, float, dab, wring
free, bound/careful
flexible/multi-focused, direct/single focused
slow/sustained, sudden/quick
General Space
areas in the general space & front in the general space
High, Middle, Low Level
Wheel, Table, Door

High, Low, Forward, Back, Right, Left
Kinesphere/Reach Space
small, medium, large
Straight, Circular clockwise, Circular counterclockwise, Meander, Spiraling away from the focal Point, Spiraling towards the focal point
Still Shapes
Ball, Screw, Pin, Tetraeder, Wall
Shape Qualities
spreading, enclosing, sinking, rising, advancing, retreating
Mode of Shape Change
directional arc-like, directional spoke-like, shape flow, carving
accented with sound

adress, touch, being aware, near, support
1 card with some ideas to get started


This cardset is printed in Berlin, on 350g paper and laminated with softtouch film. The cards have been carefully checked by hand every card set is complete before it finds its way to its new owner. The cards are packaged in a silver paper box*.

* Made in Germany. Premium TP + FK surface awarded the “Blauer Engel” (“Blue angel”) certification for environmentally friendly products, acid-free or pH-neutral, good light resistance, wood-free.